The Oakland Park Music on Main Street takes place the fourth Friday of every month from 6:00-10:00pm at OP City Hall.

Welcome to Downtown Oakland Park

2017 City Video
In 2005, the City of Oakland Park invested in a renewed dedication to Downtown Oakland Park, with the creation of a Community Redevelopment Area Plan. Over the next several years the City moved forward with the plan and created an infrastructure to support development, despite an economy that changed the landscape of development in South Florida. In 2011, with economic conditions beginning to improve, the time came to kick start redevelopment in Downtown Oakland Park. The City hired Redevelopment Management Associates (RMA) to develop a 5-year strategic plan, which included a vision for Downtown.
The Culinary Arts District was created after thorough research of existing conditions in the market such as area demographics and opportunity gaps within Oakland Park and the surrounding area.

What is a Culinary Arts District?

The focus of American culture over the last few decades has centered around one room in the home…The Kitchen. When you think Culinary Arts District, think of anything relating to a kitchen. Is this a restaurant or bar? Of course…We eat and drink in our kitchen and get new ideas for recipes. Could it be a knife store or flower shop? Absolutely… Your kitchen could include items from dishes, utensils, and furniture to items used to decorate your kitchen. Have you ever wanted an aquarium as a kitchen bar? The Culinary Arts District offers an aquarium store to fulfill your needs. And don’t forget to pick up a bottle of Olive Oil from Italy and stop to paint your own dishes or stemware.
The vision for the Culinary Arts District began to become a reality with the addition of the Funky Buddha Brewery and the Urban Farm Park and plans continue to attract a Culinary School to locate their home in Downtown Oakland Park. The excitement is “brewing” and The City of Oakland Park is helping to prove that dreams really can become reality.
Have you ever wanted to own your dream restaurant or gourmet food store? Look to the Downtown Oakland Park Culinary Arts District and see how your dream can become a reality!